What It Really Means To Be ‘Open Minded’


what do you think it means to have an open mind?

Being open minded is not “oh I can talk about sex or anything taboo with the other gender no problem” or “oh I don’t really mind people watching porn, that’s totally okay for me,” those actions do not define being open minded. Well yes, it’s good to be able to have an in-depth discussion about things that people rarely talk about, and it’s also good to accept people regardless of how bad they are. But that’s not wholly being open minded.

Being liberal doesn’t necessarily mean being open minded. Being conservative doesn’t necessarily mean being close minded. Just because person A is okay with same sex marriage doesn’t necessarily mean the person is open minded and just because person B is not okay with same sex marriage doesn’t necessarily mean the person is close minded. To really know who is open and who is not, bring the two people together and have a talk. The one who can’t tolerate the other person’s value is the one who is close minded.

Being open minded is being able to consider other people’s values even if they’re different and doesn’t fit into our own preconceived notions. It is the ability to not judge the other person as wrong even if their values and ideas differ from ours. It is the ability to understand their reasons for the values that they hold. The ability to acknowledge that our views too might be flawed and that there may be other views which are ‘better’. It is basically the ability to agree to disagree.

Of course, we don’t have to agree on those views that other people hold, but be considerate towards them.  That, I believe is what keeping an open mind is all about.


Mobile Phone is Haunting Me!!!

Animation 2

I hate phones. Or rather, I hate it when it notifies me when I don’t want to be notified. Messages in the wrong moments….haunts me. Let me list down a few major time when I feel like I’ve been haunted by phones in my daily life.

Haunts me at night

I HATE it when people talk to me about work… after work. Work and life are totally separate things and I want it to be separated. Merging those two is really not an option  and I despise it. This is one of the reason why one, I can’t be a teacher and, two, I can’t handle online business. If I was a teacher, I can’t imagine myself replying to those desperate students who asked me questions in the middle of the night for their exam the next day because they didn’t study earlier. If I was to handle an online business, I can’t imagine myself replying to customers who text me whenever they want… it’s just impossible to me. This simple act of talking about work after work haunts me at night… I totally don’t want to live any moment of that.

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The Problem With Sleeping

Girl sleeping on the sofa

I love sleeping. But I hate it at the same time. I love sleeping because it feels good but I hate it because it wastes time. If only we could not sleep at all forever without being sleepy or tired, that would be great. There will be so many things we can do with the extra time that we have.

My time is very limited. Work and commuting to and from work take more than 12 hours of my day so I have very limited time for myself. I know I am supposed to manage my time wisely and all that but that takes time and practice. The more immediate problem with my time is, to me, my sleeping schedule. There’s nothing wrong with the schedule actually. I sleep from 12am to 6am on weekdays and from 12 am to 8 am, sometimes 11 am, on weekends (I wish I’d wake up at 6 am on weekends too). The problem is the fact that I sleep… and that if I don’t or I lack sleep, I become sleepy and unproductive.

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Betting Gone Wrong: ‘Japanese’ Football Fan Lost All His Property

Japan VS Belgium
Kajang, Selangor – A 31 year-old Malay man, who only wanted to be known as ‘Hokage kelapan’ (The Eight Hokage) lost all his property after betting for Japan to win against Belgium in the World Cup round 16. The bet includes all his savings, his newly bought car and everything he owned inside his rental house in Kajang.

Not only did he bet that the Japanese would win, but he also bet the scores for the match. Betting the score at 2 – 1 in favour of the Japanese, he was ecstatic when Belgium scored a goal in the 69th minute of the match as he would obtain more money with his betting accuracy. However, he didn’t expect them to score two more goals after that and ultimately lost his bet and all his property. He was devastated and said “I wish the keeper would use the one of the killer techniques like they always do in Inazuma Eleven”.

When asked why he would risk everything for the game, he answered “South Korea won against Germany, the former World Cup champion so the Japanese MUST be able to pull up similar miracles too. We can’t possibly lose the the K-pop fan retards” as he believed that anime and manga are far more superior. He then continued “I believe in the power of nakama but it seemed like the Japanese football team aren’t united enough to use that power” he said sorrowfully.

After being asked what nakama means, he immediately gasped and muttered “filthy normies” a few times before leaving abruptly. We didn’t have time to ask about what he will do about this ‘tragedy’ so his future planning is totally unknown.

Disclaimer: This is fake news. I just want to write with a different style.

Free Time and Working


Let me just say that I’m actually very sleepy right now but I can’t sleep because I’m actually at work so basically I’m slacking here but there’s nothing to do… aannndd I had a briefing just now.

How can anyone survive an 8 hours work every single day?? I just… well maybe because I JUST entered the working world (only the internship to be precise) but still… this is ridiculously hard. It’s much harder for me because I commute to work for 2 hours and go home from work another 2 hours. I’m spend 4 hours, sometimes more, every single day just commuting to and from work. Granted I can read stuff on my phone while commuting and I usually just read manga and I managed to read a significant amount of chapters since I started working but thats pretty much the only thing I can do.

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Starting A New Habit

Garden Walking

Idea: walk around the neighbourhood and write what I think while walking.

I wanna start a new habit and increase my blog post. The habit is, like I mentioned above. I’d walk around my neighbourhood most probably during the weekends early in the morning. I might do this twice a month.

I realize that creative and new ideas usually comes to me when I’m walking or sitting at an unfamiliar place. Those are the moments where I can actually take a step back and think about pretty much anything. Those are the times where I’ll have ‘quality daydream’. I’d like to take this realization a step further by taking necessary action towards it and utilize my method of getting new ideas. In any case, sitting at my desk at work or in my room certainly doesn’t trigger my creativity at all so I have nothing to lose.

I watch anime and in most of the anime, I realized that the characters in the series walk a lot. They walk to their schools, to work and even to their friend’s house. I know that their public transport system is top notch but they still need to walk a lot to get to their destination. I wonder how far they usually walk in order to get to their destination? Even if it’s a 15 minutes walk… it’s still a 15 minutes walk and that’s considered quite far for me. It made me think that I could very much do the same. I mean, I already do walk to work for about 10 minutes from the station so I think walking around the neighbourhood is fine with me. I might discover something new along the way.

The reason I write this post even before starting this out is because I need momentum. I’m really bad at making and breaking habit so I thought if I just write one post about this, I will feel like I have made some sort of commitment and I need to hold to my commitment. This is how I build my momentum. I hope I can do this for a very long time. I hope I never stop. It’s a fairly easy thing to do… right?

Social Media is Just Not Fun Anymore

Social Media.jpg
I’ve only been ‘active’ in social media quite recently. Facebook yes, quite a while but I only use Instagram and Twitter for just a little over a year. When I first made all these social media accounts, I was excited to make friends. Turned out that I only made friends with people I know in real life. Then I use them mostly to look at memes and funny stuffs.

Back then, visiting them was still rather fun. Now however, I really don’t like visiting any social media… except for this blog. I’ve stopped using Instagram for quite a while now. The initial reason was because my phone couldn’t play any video in Instagram. It annoyed me so I deleted it. But after deleting it, I realized I actually wasted so much of time looking at memes every 10 minutes. I managed to save so much time doing something else after deleting my Instagram App. I didn’t delete my account tho… I’m sure I’m going to reinstall it eventually.

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