Looking Up at A Girl’s Skirt

anime girl
I don’t what is the suitable picture to put here so yea… And yes, i’m an anime fan.

First of all, no, this is not going to be a lewd post. It’ll be completely innocent. Sorry if anyone searched for something perverted here, you’re not going to find it. That said, let’s jump right into the main act!

I once had the habit of looking up at a girl’s skirt. Not every girl, mind you, just this one particular girl. I was 7 years old and my cousin who is also the same age started this whole thing. In our school, the length of a school uniform skirt is all the way down to the feet. No no, it’s definitely not like those short skirts in Japan, it’s a long skirt.

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My Generation’s Play Time VS My Younger Cousins’ Generation’s Play Time


My generation’s play time and my younger cousins’ generation’s play time is vastly different. Our way of entertaining ourselves fundamentally differs. There are many factors as to why it is different so I listed them all down. Take a look.

They play to win, we play to have fun.

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The Naming System


Many different parts of the world have different naming system. The most common naming system is putting our family name right after our given name or reversed, putting our family name first and then our given name. However in Malaysia, we don’t do that. We don’t have a family name. We only put our given name and our father’s name. In between them we put ‘Bin’ for male and ‘Binti’ for female. But, people in Malaysia nowadays start to NOT put the Bin and Binti for some unknown reason and it creates problems. But first, let me tell you how our names in Malaysia look like.

Male name – Ali Bin Abu

Female name – Nurul Binti Ahmad

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Involving With Toxic People

Toxic People.jpg

Let me just list some of them down for you. Those who always bring others down, those who are not happy with other people’s achievements, those who don’t have any teamwork, those who use their powers to control other people, those who are manipulative, those who think they could get anything at all without any effort, those who cheat, those who love to gossip, those who are self-absorbed, those who are narcissistic and psychopathic, those who are judgmental, those who lie a lot, and many many more.

I hate these people. And believe all of you do so too.

But I notice that some people always face them no matter how hard they try to avoid. Some people just have them involved in their lives somehow even though they don’t want them to. Some people, even though they practice the law of attraction (I believe it is true), still have many negative people around them for some reason. And worst of all, that some people can be us. We try to avoid those people but we can’t.

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John Titor: A Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler


Have you ever heard of a guy named John Titor? No? Well let me tell you. In November 2000 there was a guy who called himself John Titor claiming to be from the future. He’s a self-proclaimed time traveller claiming that he traveled from the year 2036 to the year 1975 to secure an old computer named IBM 5100. He said that the computer has some kind of anti-virus that would help him to stop the world war three that’ll happen in the future. He has secured the computer and then traveled to the year 2000 to meet himself and do some research on his journey. And so, he shocked and attracted the internet’s interest by publically announcing that he is from the future.

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Memories Evoked


I decided to go out and take some fresh air and do nothing. Just take a walk and enjoy the nature since I have nothing to do this morning. It felt very calm and tranquil (It’s also very cold because it’s been raining non-stop for a couple of days). This tranquility reminds me of my childhood times.

My childhood years were surrounded by nature. I lived in a rural area and it was pretty much in the middle of the forest. I loved living there. I think I am very privileged and lucky to be able to spend all my childhood there. We could run around the field, play outside, creating our own games and it was just so much fun.

Even back then, I appreciated that moment. It hurts knowing that all of it would someday be gone, which it had. I wish I was a little kid again, living there with my cousins and grandparents again, having fun running around with my neighbours again.

But I can’t, I can only relieve those moment through memories. And that’s fine. I shall relive those moments again and again through all the memories I’ve kept.

One word prompt

If Only I Had Time…


Have you ever thought of something like that?  “If only I had more time, I’d be able to do it”. I believe we all have. I hate to break it to you and I hate to even admit it myself but that’s all bullshit. If we really want something, we’d make time for it.

We all have that moment when we blame our lack of free time when we can’t do something that we want to do. We also assume that others have it much more than us when we see that they can do much more than what we can. We say things like “If only I have more free time, I’d be able to write more often”. When we look at others’ achievements, we say “they have all the time to themselves, that’s why they’re able to write a lot”.

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