Memories Evoked


I decided to go out and take some fresh air and do nothing. Just take a walk and enjoy the nature since I have nothing to do this morning. It felt very calm and tranquil (It’s also very cold because it’s been raining non-stop for a couple of days). This tranquility reminds me of my childhood times.

My childhood years were surrounded by nature. I lived in a rural area and it was pretty much in the middle of the forest. I loved living there. I think I am very privileged and lucky to be able to spend all my childhood there. We could run around the field, play outside, creating our own games and it was just so much fun.

Even back then, I appreciated that moment. It hurts knowing that all of it would someday be gone, which it had. I wish I was a little kid again, living there with my cousins and grandparents again, having fun running around with my neighbours again.

But I can’t, I can only relieve those moment through memories. And that’s fine. I shall relive those moments again and again through all the memories I’ve kept.

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